Accommodation for Students of Spanish

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Accommodation for Students of Spanish

  • Accommodation in Spain
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Accommodation in Spain and Latin America

  • Accommodation in Spain

Making sure you are comfortable is important to don Quijote; we take pride in the quality of our accommodation in Spain and Latin America to ensure you get the most out of your time with us.

We have a range of different accommodation options for our students, to suit all needs and preferences, allowing you to learn Spanish and enjoy yourself!

We want you to enjoy every aspect of your time with us in Spain or Latin America, and making sure you feel at home in your surroundings is one of our main concerns.

Settle into your new home!

Accommodation Options for Our Students

Home Stay

  • Accommodation in Spain

Live in the home of a local family and be immersed in the culture and language

You can choose this option in Spain, Mexico and don Quijote partner school destinations in Latin American.

Living with a family gives you the special chance to get a personal feel for life in Spain or Latin America; homestays mean that you'll integrate into a local family, where you'll use your Spanish skills every day. This accommodation gives you the best opportunity to improve your Spanish, as the family you stay with are native speakers who will also give you unique insight into their culture.

About home stay:

  • Host families vary; you could stay with a family that has children, or you may be with a single person who hosts students for the opportunity to enjoy their company. While free time will still be your own, many of our students socialise with their families and even stay in touch with them long after they have gone back to their own countries.
  • You have the choice of getting just breakfast, half-board (a choice of breakfast and either a cooked meal in the afternoon at around 2pm or light dinner at 10pm) or full-board (breakfast and two meals).
  • You'll live just as the locals do, which means eating at local hours and eating local foods. This may mean you eat later than you are used to, and trying new cuisine, but when in Rome! Your homestay family will do their best to consider your preferences.
  • You will get your own keys to the house, and you will have the freedom to enter and leave the house when you wish. You may also take telephone calls on your homestay's home phone.

Student Flat

  • Accommodation in Spain

With this option, you'll have an independent experience while making friends from around the world!

You can choose this option in all parts of Spain and in Guanajuato, Mexico

Small groups of four or five students, also on don Quijote programs, live together in our student flats. Our student apartments are self catered - you'll be in charge of meals. You'll also get to know your roommates, students like yourself of different ages and from all walks of life. It's a good idea that you all agree to use Spanish to communicate with one another at home; if you use a different common language, you will be compromising your valuable Spanish speaking time while in Spain.

Shared student flats:

  • These flats may not be fancy, but they feature the furnishings you'll need for your stay with us: a desk, a bed, a wardrobe and a chair.
  • Student flats all have a living room with a TV, a fully equipped kitchen, an iron and a washing machine.
  • A telephone is not provided with this option; we recommend making calls on public telephones or at calling centres.
  • The bathroom and the kitchen are communal facilities for the flat, and the responsibility to keep them cleaned is also shared between you.

Still having trouble deciding?

There are 5 accommodation types available
  • Accommodation in Spain

The accommodation option you choose will have a great impact on your learning experience with don Quijote, and we want to ensure you enjoy your stay as much as possible. Do you want to integrate yourself in Spanish speaking home life with the experience of home stay, or really get to know your fellow students in a student apartment or a residence during your stay? You are also welcome to combine all the different types of accommodation options as you wish at no additional fee. Our course counsellors can help you decide: why not contact us for more help on deciding the most appropriate accommodation for you.