The Spanish Coast

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The Spanish Coast

Spanish Beaches


With over 7,000km of coastline and over half that figure belonging to the Mediterranean, it is unsurprising that Spain is highly appraised for its beaches. For many holiday makers worldwide (but especially for those who come from sun-shy northern Europe), booking a beach holiday somewhere along the lengthy Spanish coast guarantees pure delight. Sun, sea and sand are pretty much the only requisites for a beach holiday, and, of course, these requirements are reached almost anywhere along the Spanish coast. But despite these shared key aspects, with 10 of the 16 comunidades autónomas enjoying some coastline, there is in fact a rather large variety of Spanish beaches which suit themselves to the various types of Spanish beach holidays that are made annually.

Coastal Regions of Spain


This comunidad, being at the southernmost part of the country finds itself as one of the most visited for its beaches. The province of Malaga hosts the infamous Costa del Sol, but at Huelva, Cadiz, Granada and Almeria are also to be found the Costa de la Luz, the Costa Tropical and the Costa Almeria which all host a variety of beach resorts.


Being a greener part of Spain, the beaches in Asturias tend to fall on the picturesque backdrop of the Picos de Europa.

Balearic Islands

The 4 islands of Menorca, Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera have for sometime now been at the pinnacle of beach tourism. Whilst all sharing the azure Balearic waters, each island cultivates its own vibe – Ibiza’s party scene perhaps being the most well known.

Basque Country

Synonymous with surfing, the Basque country’s many beaches in the Bay of Biscay are said to be perfect for the sport. Bilbao, San Sebastian and Viscaya are all popular destinations but along the coast are several other treats to be discovered.

Canary Islands

Just a hop off the Moroccan coast, the Canary Islands enjoy a truly tropical climate, and again, being islands, the beach is verily a part of the Canary lifestyle.


Again, in the green north of the country, Cantabria and its well known city of Santander sees another coastline backed by mountains. Impressive landscapes and fine weather make Cantabria a coveted holiday destination.


Home to Barcelona, Girona and Tarragona, but most importantly, the home of the Costa Brava and the Costa Dorada. There is a wealth of beaches in this region, from the beach at Barceloneta just outside the city to the Natural Park at Cap de Creus.


Another Atlantic facing coast, but at Galicia, a bit wilder. The coastline here is again not as well visited as it is impressive meaning that a visit here might make the ideal peaceful getaway.


Murica plays host to 250km of beach belonging to the Costa Cálida which, set on the Mediterranean, enjoys a notably hot summer (hence its name).


The Costa de Valencia is another coastline which sees the geographical wonder of mountains joint with the beach along the stretch of the comunidad. It is home to fresh water pools, caves, and a popular area for water sports.

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