Holidays in Spain

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Holidays in Spain

National Holidays in Spain

Lauren Simmonds

Spanish National Holidays

Every region of Spain: Aragon, Balearic Islands, Castile y Leon etc. have their own annual holidays and fiestas. There are also many national bank holidays in Spain. Often, workers can negotiate with their employers to have a “bridge day”. This simply means that when a bank holiday falls on a Thursday, they take the Friday off work in order to make a “bridge” to the weekend. This is particularly popular with schools and universities, however it is important to note that the “bridge day” is a negotiation not an official holiday. 

Holidays (chosen by the government) in the region of Castile and Leon

New Years Day

Jan 01


Jan 06

Maundy Thursday

Mar 28

Good Friday

Mar 29

St George’s Day

Apr 23

Labour Day

May 01

Assumption Day

Aug 15

Spanish National Holiday

Oct 12

All Saints Day

Nov 01

Constitution Day

Dec 06

Immaculate Conception

Dec 08


Dec 25

Holidays in Spanish Regions and Municipalities

Within every region in Spain, there are provinces. For example, within the region of Castile y Leon is the province of Salamanca. Surrounding the city of Salamanca are little towns such as Santa Marta and El Arco which are referred to as municipalities. Confusingly enough, Salamanca is a province as well as a municipality. In fact, the majority of provinces encompass municipalities of the same name.

Local holidays in the province of Salamanca

Día del Padre (San José)

Mar 19

San Juan de Sahagun (patron of the city)

Jun 12

La Virgen de la Vega (Patroness of the city)

Mar 28

National Holidays in UK and Mexico

2013 public holidays and bank holidays in England and Wales only amount to 8 days. There are 13 national public holidays in Mexico however some of these are merely observed so they don’t signify a day off work.

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