Summer in Spain

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Summer in Spain

Summer in Spain


Just as British weather is to rain more or less synonymous, so too summer is to Spain. Spain, the 4th most visited country, is undoubtedly a touristy country. Attracting a growing average of 50 million visitors annually over the last 15 years, Spain’s major cities and coastal settlements are prepared all year round to entertain guests. But, the Sun being one of the country’s main selling points, it is of no surprise that summer in Spain, a country which has also been afforded an incredibly varied wealth of historical discourse, is in itself verily one of the world’s wonders.

Of course, tourism is itself a very recent thing and when, in 1905, under the reign of Alfonso XIII, the Comisión Nacional del Turismo was founded, Spain was without a doubt one of the first off the block. In these early days, tourism would undoubtedly have been limited to an elite class, to whom discovering those national artistic and cultural of the country would have been held in high importance.

The Spanish summer today is a concept that largely revolves around the sibilant trilogue of sun, sea, and sand. With a lengthy summer of temperatures between 20 and 40 degrees Celsius, sun-lacking northern Europeans constitute the largest number of visitors; Britons and Germans amounting just less than 50% of the Spain’s tourists. However, Spain’s winning aspect must be its abundance of what we love to call culture.

A rich and active history means that in Spain we see the strong footprints of the Romans alongside those of the Moors and the Visigoths. And moreover, Spain, even without these foreign influences, is already a thorough mixing of peoples which today manifests itself in the presence of no fewer than 17 autonomous communities. Summer in Spain will continue to be a haven for holiday makers. Abounding with monuments, museums and galleries reverberating the sound of the country’s ancestors, there will ever be plenty to busy yourself with during a summer in Spain.

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