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Spanish Schools in Spain

  • Learn Spanish in Spain
  • Learn Spanish in Spain
  • Learn Spanish in Spain
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don Quijote is offering you the opportunity to learn Spanish in Spain in many fabulous locations. Deciding where to go is one of the first and most important steps of your study abroad experience. Can’t choose where to go? Here’s some information on the special features and the wide variety of cultural and geographical landscapes of don Quijote school’s dynamic settings to help you decide.

  • Spanish Destination Situated in the Catalonia province in the north-east of Spain, Barcelona is a fantastic Mediterranean city; a vibrant cosmopolitan, and a truly engaging place. With its rich cultural and artistic heritage, Catalonian influence, and beaches to enjoy, Barcelona offers you all the excitement and amenities of Spain's second biggest city. The school The city

  • Spanish Destination This exciting city lies in the heart of the southern region of Andalusia, enjoying proximity to Spain's rugged Sierra Nevada and the Mediterranean Sea. With its rich cultural history, Granada still proudly bears the evidence of its Moorish heritage, in the architecture and the ambience of the city. Stunning monuments like La Alhambra make the city worth visiting in itself, but the combination of the old and the vibrant new aspects of the city make it a fantastic place to learn Spanish. The school The city

  • Spanish Destination As Spain's vibrant capital city, Madrid has a wide variety of museums, monuments, elegant squares and fantastic shopping opportunities. Its countless green spaces and parks make it one of the greenest cities in Europe. Located right in the heart of Spain, the city combines modernity and tradition, business and art, an active economy and a lively nightlife. The school The city

  • Spanish Destination Situated in western Spain, Salamanca is a beautiful university town. This is a fantastic place to study Spanish; not only is this small but lively city already home to thousands of students, but also the Spanish spoken here is known as Spain's most standard variety of the language, since it originated from this region. Salamanca is famous for its culturally rich, youthful atmosphere which contrasts with elegant old architecture, such as that displayed by the two Cathedrals found here. Small enough so that you can walk everywhere, Salamanca is also big enough to have the culture and nightlife to sustain its lively student population. The school The city

  • Spanish Destination Puerto de la Cruz is situated in northern Tenerife, one of Spain's Canary Islands. With its year-round pleasant weather and diverse landscape, this city is the perfect place for relaxing. With convenient tourist services at your disposal, as well as beaches, the stunning Martinez Lakes, the Teide volcano, Loro Park, and much more, learning Spanish here will be paradise. The school The city

  • Spanish Destination Valencia is another vibrant city on the east coast of Spain, which enjoys pleasant temperatures throughout the enire year. As Spain's third largest city, both culturally and economically, Valencia is an ideal place to learn Spanish; it's well connected to Europe and the rest of Spain, but has enough to keep you entertained so that you won't want to leave! The school The city

  • Spanish Destination In the south-west of Spain, Seville has a reputation for truly capturing all the passion and heat of Andalusia. Flamenco, the world-famous Feria de Abril, and Semana Santa all help make up the city's rich culture. Seville's intriguing history also makes it an attractive place to visit. Seville still bears the marks of the many civilizations that have settled here. Today, residents keep the city's spirit alive with fun, culture and Andalusian alegrí­a. The school The city

  • Spanish Destination Marbella is one of the highlights of the Costa del Sol. With some of Europe's most spectacular beaches, this Mediterranean resort town in the south of Spain is a perfect place to relax while learning Spanish. The city boats some beautiful parks, top of the range golf courses and a historic old quarter.
    The school The city

  • Spanish Destination Alicante is a warm Mediterranean paradise; a city from which you can enjoy both the mountains and the sea, Alicante enjoys a culture as rich as its diverse geography. Alicante's exciting entertainment combined with its agreeable climate makes this a great place to learn Spanish. The school The city

  • Spanish Destination Málaga is a fantastic Andalusian tourist destination and an international city. With its wonderful beaches to enjoy, and the world's best Picasso museum, Malaga provides a beautiful and culturally exciting setting for your Spanish course. The school The city

  • Spanish Destination Cádiz is a coastal city right at the bottom-west corner of Spain, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean from its peninsular location. Despite its beautiful beaches, this port city has somehow avoided mass tourism, which means you can study Spanish amongst the locals. There are many beautiful squares, monuments, ruins and other Moorish remnants to enjoy in this city. The school The city

  • Spanish Destination Pamplona is the capital city of the Navarra region, in the north east of Spain. This very green city has retained its Gothic style centre and cobbled streets, just as it has retained its own character. Located only about one hour south (92 km) of San Sebastian's beautiful beaches, this city has gained international fame for its Fiesta de San Fermí­n (the running of the bulls). The school The city

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