Premium Accommodation in Spain

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Premium Accommodation in Spain

  • Premium Accommodation in Spain
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Our new Premium Accommodation is a step up from the regular accommodation options that don Quijote offers, and suited to business professionals, families travelling together or any student who wants a more indulgant experience. We offer Premium accommodation only in the cities where our Premium Spanish courses are on offer. These locations are Barcelona, Tenerife, Salamanca and Madrid.

Shared Premium Flats

If you chose to stay in a Premium shared apartment, you'll enjoy all the standard shared apartments' facilities, as well as daily bedroom cleaning and ADSL or WIFI internet connection. There will never be more than 3 students to a flat, who share a fully-equipped kitchen and a bathroom. You also have the choice between a single or double bedroom.

Our Shared Premium Apartments all:

  • Are no more than 30 minutes away from the don Quijote school.
  • Have a washing machine and a fully equipped kitchen.
  • There is also a communal living room with a TV.
  • WIFI or ADSL internet access.
  • Bedrooms are cleaned daily, and bedding is provided. 

Private Premium Apartment

With just one or two bedrooms, these flats offer all of our shared premium apartments facilities and features, with the added independence and luxury of having your own space. You can choose your own private apartment, where you will enjoy private use of the facilities.

A Local, Recommended Hotel

There is always, of course, the choice to stay at a local hotel. don Quijote can also organize your accommodation in a recommended local hotel if you contact us in advance. Should you prefer to book yourself, advice is also available.

The Premium accommodation is intended for our Premium Spanish Course students, however it is open to all of our students studying in Barcelona, Madrid, Salamanca and Tenerife .