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don Quijote Special Offers

Learning a language isn't just about knowing grammar. It's also about getting to know the people who speak it, the places that shape it and landscapes where you hear it.

That's why don Quixote invites you to take advantage of our last available spots in our best destinations in Mexico, Costa Rica and Ecuador. Places with beautiful vistas, fascinating cultures, captivating art and extraordinary people!

What's more, if you decide to take the leap now, you'll get your Registration Fee for free. Learning our language has never been so easy, so cheap, or so beautiful!

Don't miss this opportunity! You have until June 30th to sign up and find out that learning a language is so much more than you could've ever imagined.

• Duration: Minimum 2-week course and accommodation.

• Only valid for registrations made before June 30th, 2016. Cannot be used for previously registered courses.

• Accommodation subject to availability.    

• Destinations: Mexico, Costa Rica and Ecuador. don Quijote-owned schools

• Deposit must be paid at time of registration.

• Cannot be combined with other offers and subject to availability.

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