Family Program in Spain

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Family Program in Spain

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don Quijote Family Program

Here at don Quijote we believe our Spanish cultural immersion programs should be an adventure for the whole family. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive Family Program designed to meet the needs and interests of everyone in the family!

Our Family Program ensures that you, alongside your children and/or partner, take an unforgettable journey into Spanish in any of our destinations in Spain or Latin America. If you can’t decide on just one destination, combine multiple destinations at no additional cost!

Count on us to help design the whole program for you: we’ll set up your accommodations, sign you up for your desired Spanish course(s), organize any activities or excursions you’d like and even pick you up from the airport. During the summer months, enroll your children in an international summer camp, where they’ll learn Spanish, participate in educational workshops, play sports and make friends from all over the world!

Enjoy all the benefits of don Quijote’s Family Program:

  • Year-round program, especially ideal for winter or summer vacation.

  • While you attend Spanish classes, we’ll organize private Spanish classes, daycare or enrollment in a local school for your kids.

  • Embark on exciting excursions, sign up for a family culture/leisure class (cooking, Flamenco, etc.) or just relax and discover the city at your own pace.

  • Combine destinations at no additional cost – see a bit of everything and show your children the diversity of the Spanish-speaking world!

  • Travel, learn Spanish, discover local cultures and make family memories to last a lifetime.

Contact us at, let us know about your family and your interests, and we’ll help you create the perfect Spanish immersion program for you. Embark on the Spanish language journey of a lifetime – all with your family by your side!