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Official Exam Preparation Programmes

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don Quijote is dedicated to helping students reach their language goals and advance their Spanish language skills in order to make their dreams come true. Whether students are hoping to study at a foreign university in Spain or Latin America, would like to open the door to new career or business opportunities, or are hoping to begin a new life in a Spanish speaking country, holding an official diploma that certifies their Spanish language proficiency is invaluable. don Quijote offers Spanish programmes specifically designed to help students pass official Spanish language exams to certify their language level. Our exam preparation programmes include DELE Exam Preparation, Business Spanish and Chamber of Commerce Exam and Siele Preparation courses.

DELE Exam Preparation:

The DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) Exam is an internationally recognized and prestigious Spanish language certification exam. Holding this certificate helps students gain admission into universities in Spain and Latin America, advance their education and achieve their professional goals. don Quijote offers preparation courses for Spanish levels A1 through C2, meaning that no matter at what level you would like to certify your Spanish, we have a course for you. Although taking a DELE Exam Preparation Course does not 100% guarantee a successful outcome on the official exam, don Quijote does guarantee that if you attend a minimum of 90% of the classes during one of our 12 week intensive Spanish courses followed by a four week long DELE preparation course, you will pass the exam at your language level. If you don’t, we’ll give you a four week long intensive Spanish course and pay the fees for taking the exam the second time around. For more information about specific exam dates or more information about the DELE please visit

Business Spanish and Chamber of Commerce Exam:

Spanish is an increasingly important language to know in the business world. Holding a Madrid Chamber of Commerce Exam certificate will give you an edge as a professional. It will show potential employers that your proclaimed business Spanish proficiency level has been tested and is certified, enabling you to use Spanish in the corporate world. Focusing your language learning on business Spanish and holding this certificate will also give you the confidence you need to engage in business in a foreign language with Spanish speakers from around the globe. A language level of at least B1 is needed to take this preparation course. When you’ve completed the programme you will be able to take the exam at don Quijote schools which are accredited by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce of Madrid allowing our schools to administer these official exams.

SIELE Preparation:

The SIELE Exam (Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española) is an internationally recognized exam that certifies Spanish proficiency level for four different linguistic skills. Students can choose to take a separate test for each language competency or to test all four skills at once with a global exam. Language competencies tested include: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written expression and interaction, and oral expression and interaction. The SIELE uses the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages to score exams. don Quijote offers SIELE preparation classes for all language levels. Holding the SIELE is a great way to certify your Spanish whether you would like to focus on one linguistic skill or on proficiency as a whole.

Practical Information:

All of our Official Exam Preparation Programmes can be taken for either two or four weeks. Whether you choose two or four weeks, you will have 20 classes per week geared toward preparing you for whichever exam you choose. If you choose our DELE Exam Preparation Course you will learn in classes of three to a maximum of 14 students, and start dates depend on the exam date you choose. Both our Business Spanish and Chamber of Commerce Exam and SIELE Preparation courses are taught in classes of three to a maximum of 10 students; you may begin either of these courses any Monday of the year.