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Premium Spanish Programme

  • Intensive Spanish Courses
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Knowledge of the Spanish language has incredible advantages in the professional world. Today, communicating and networking effectively with Spanish speakers in the Spanish speaking marketplace is essential for a successful, growing business. Our Premium Spanish Programmes are specifically designed for professionals eager to improve their language skills with a fast and effective programme.

A Spanish Programme Designed for Busy Professionals

Our Premium Spanish Programmes are specifically designed for individuals or small groups looking for effective, intensive Spanish courses, personalized to suit their needs. This programme provides you with high quality Spanish teaching either individually or in small groups in order to maximize student participation and teacher attention. Our premium courses can either be taken individually, in semi-private groups or in small groups with a maximum of 3 students.

Teachers analyse your objectives for the course, from its beginning to its end, creating a personalised programme for each individual. Course content, your timetable, and even the complementary activities (which include lunch every weekday with your teacher or other professionals to practice business terminology, and other cultural activities) will be incorporated to ensure you receive the Spanish training you require. Specialised content for each student or small group based specifically on what you want to study, such as a specific business topic or a technical area, can be prepared according to your needs.

Two specialized programmes designed to suit your requirements

Course Programme
Premium 1.0 • Intensive Spanish Programme, 25 classes/week
• Networking lunches with professionals
• 4 private online classes
Premium 2.0 • Intensive Spanish Programme, 30 classes/week
• Networking lunches with professionals
• 4 private online classes
• 5 private one to one classes

With both of our Premium Spanish Programmes, you will be able to have coffee with your teacher to chat about language concepts or ask questions. You will also have the chance to have lunch with either your teacher or other professionals in order to practice the new Spanish you have learned with business professionals who are willing to share both their knowledge of the language and their sector with you. Premium Spanish Programmes also include the added bonus of private online classes both before and after your course to ensure you have the most productive and effective experience possible.

Premium Accommodation

You can choose the accommodation with don Quijote that most suits you. Depending on the destination you choose you will have a choice between a private apartment, shared student apartments, a homestay or staying at a student residence.

Practical Information

The duration of the course is up to you. You can choose to take courses that last just one week or to make your course as long as you require. All classes have a maximum of 3 people. The start dates for your course are flexible. The number of class hours per week will depend on the programme you choose.

Included in the Programme:

  • Intensive Spanish classes
  • Fully personalized content and attention
  • Flexible schedule
  • Reduced group sizes (maximum 1-3 students)
  • Coffee during the break with your teacher or other professionals
  • Pre-exam and online oral level test before arrival
  • 2 Private online classes before arrival and upon departure to ensure your learning success
  • Lunch every weekday with your teacher or other professionals to practice business terminology
  • Additional private classes can be added