Customised Spanish Programmes for Groups

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Customised Spanish Programmes for Groups

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Group Programmes to Learn Spanish

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don Quijote has been creating personalised Spanish programmes for groups of students who would like to study Spanish abroad, whether they are looking for a short-term course, semester long or full academic year programmes, for over 30 years.

We offer customised programmes to companies, school groups, universities, associations, organizations, and for anyone else who is looking to improve their Spanish by studying abroad.

Our customised programmes are designed to suit your needs. Your group will decide what to study depending on your interests, level of Spanish or course-objectives. If you only want to learn through classes taken in the classroom, or incorporate Spanish classes with cultural and/or leisure activities, we can accommodate you. All of our programmes are completely flexible allowing you to choose the timetable, activities and course focus that is best suited to you and your group!


Rachel Hart, Teacher of Spanish, Godolphin & Latymer School
"don Quijote provided us with a perfect programme, with language classes well suited for our students. Our host families were accommodating and friendly. Granada is a perfect destination for students wishing to enjoy Semana Santa."

Simon Craft, Teacher of Spanish, Westminster School
"Since 1994, I have worked with don Quijote to organise both 6th Form and GCSE study abroad trips. I am delighted with their services, both in terms of course balance and efficiency. A large number of Westminster pupils have greatly benefited from the experience."

Extra Activities

  • Flamenco
  • Tapas Tour
  • City Tour
  • Spanish Movies
  • Excursions
  • Cooking
  • Scuba Diving (Tenerife only)
  • And your choice of many other trips from don Quijote school destinations - just ask us for more information!

Practical Information

  • A strong academic framework that attracts students and engages faculty.
  • 30 top destinations to choose from in order to achieve your specific academic goals. Choose one or combine several.
  • Expert logistical staff and 24/7 on-site support in academics, health and safety, excursions, and accommodation.
  • Great facilities, classrooms and living spaces that ensure a successful experience.
  • Flexible schedules that maximize your time overseas.
  • Prices to accommodate the financial needs of your institution and students.
  • A positive intercultural and international community.
  • A program exclusively designed to meet your needs.