Marbella "Alemán" Summer Camp

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Marbella "Alemán" Summer Camp

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Marbella "Alemán" Summer School

Situated on a hilltop, the Marbella Alemán Camp is just 12 km (or 19 miles) from Marbella's city centre. The camp, set in one of the nicest residential areas of Marbella, faces the famous Hotel Don Carlos. We have this camp in the prestigious Colegio Alemán; covering over 30,000 square metres, this school has fantastic facilities and beautiful views of either the Marbella or the Estepona coastline. Furthermore, the beach itself is just 15 minutes walk away!

3 Summer Camp choices

There are 3 Summer Camp choices, so you can pick the one that's best for your child:

  • Summer Camp: An intensive Spanish language course and accommodation in the student residence hall; students get to interact with other children from all over the world.
  • Day Camp: Student participates in all camp activities, including the Spanish course. No accomodation is included in this option.
  • Language Course Only: Student shares Spanish language lessons with other teens in the camp. Neither the accommodation or camp activities are included.

Arsenal Soccer Camp Program

Our full board Marbella campers have the opportunity to sign up for two hours a day of professional soccer training from one of the most reputable football clubs in the world: Arsenal!  In additional to a the language lessons and activities offered to our full-board camp students, those who participate in this program will receive 2 hours a day of soccer lessons in which they will develop their technical abilities and the passion they need to "Play the Arsenal Way.  Dates and availability of the Arsenal Soccer Camp program are limited, so please contact us for information.

Marbella "Aleman" Summer Camp Facilities:

In the Colegio's main building, there is the student residences, the dining hall, cafeteria and various other common areas. The student classrooms are in a separate building, which is next to the sports centre. This camp has a huge range of sports facilities, which include not only an indoor/outdoor multipurpose activities centre, a pool, extensive gardens, but also a football field as well as volleyball and basketball courts.

Camp Capacity:

  • 220 students.

Accommodation options:

  • Student Residence Hall: The older campers (who we call group 2) share a room of 5 to 6 students which has its own toilet and shower.
  • Younger campers (known as group 1) share rooms of around 6 to 10 students, which have shared showers and toilets. Group 1 accommodation has counselor supervision.
  • Students are put in rooms together according to age and gender.
  • All of the residential students are fully catered, 7 days a week. This includes breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack and dinner. Students will be provided a packed lunch on days where they leave the camp grounds for trips or special activities.

Permission: Only by written request from parents or legal guardians.

Practical Information:

The minimum stay duration for this camp is 2 weeks. The students will have 20 Spanish lessons per week, with a maximum of 14 students to a class. The minimum age for this camp is 5 years old.