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  • Spanish Programs in Spain
  • Spanish Programs in Spain
  • Spanish Programs in Spain
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Spanish Summer Camps for Kids and Teenagers

Our Spanish language camps offer a special chance for young people aged 5 to 18 to experience an exciting and unforgettable summer abroad while learning Spanish. Our camps provide kids and teens with a full schedule of activities, where they'll get to participate in sports and other exciting events while enjoying their vacation time.

At our Spanish teen camp, your child will make friends with other campers that have come from 42 countries to learn Spanish. At some of our camps, 60% of students are Spanish. Our experienced camp staff help provide a comfortable and fun learning environment for language practice and cultural exchange.

don Quijote has seven different summer camp locations throughout Spain: Valencia, Granada, Madrid, Seville, Marbella, Salamanca and Barcelona.

Spanish classes that offer Individual attention

The Spanish courses taught at our youth summer camps are organised into twenty weekly classes, with four daily classes Monday through Friday (with the exception of the Albergue camp in Marbella, where students take five daily classes). Classes last 45 minutes, and course curriculum is fully compatible with the US academic credit system.

The class sizes taught at don Quijote summer camps for children never exceed 14 students, guaranteeing that they receive the personal attention required to build effective Spanish skills. Our teaching method also places special emphasis on communication and conversation, which encourages students to interact with one another every day by applying the language they acquire in class and pick up with their new friends.

Why a don Quijote Spanish Summer Camp?

  • Kids make new international friends participating in engaging activities. Following morning Spanish classes, campers get to work on art projects, join cultural workshops and play sports with other young people from around the world.
  • Interactive language learning. Our summer camps offer quality teaching through effective methods developed by expert teachers, experienced coaches and administrative staff.
  • An unforgettable growing experience. International and Spanish young people share a unique summer vacation experience together in a multicultural environment, where they'll stay in a residence or with a host family.
  • Quality camp facilities. Our camps are all located at carefully selected, prestigious private schools.
  • A wide range of camp settings to choose from. Country or city, historic town or coastal destinations, we have a wide variety of camp locations. If you're having trouble deciding, we also offer the option of combining camp destinations.
  • Rest assured. Students receive 24 hour supervision.

Spanish teen camp objectives

  • To learn Spanish in a fun, friendly and culturally diverse atmosphere.
  • Create opportunities for students to put their new language skills into practical use.
  • Build social skills making international friends and engaging in dynamic activities including nature appreciation and sports.
  • Live firsthand the rich traditions and culture of Spain through supervised excursions.

Summer Camp options in Spain

  1. Residential Summer Camp - Full board camp with intensive Spanish course and accommodation.
  2. Day Camp - Student participates in all activities and the Spanish course, but accommodation is not included.
  3. Language Course Only - Student only takes the Spanish Course.

Arsenal Soccer Camp Program

  1. Residential Summer Camp with Arsenal Soccer Training -  Available in our Marbella and Valencia camps, this programs combines the full international language camp experience with 2 hours a day of soccer training from the prestigious Arsenal Soccer School.

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