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Spanish School in Antigua

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Partner School Antigua

school location Antigua, Guatemala - Information about Antigua

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Learn Spanish in Antigua, Guatemala

Our Antigua Spanish school is situated just a short walk from the city's scenic Plaza Central. Antigua is a conveniently small city; you'll easily be able to walk to class and explore Antigua's beautiful attractions. The school also features:

  • 8 classrooms
  • A garden and large courtyard
  • Video and meeting room for afternoon activities
  • An area for classes in and around the garden

Students may start their course on any Monday.

*In the event that only one student is signed up for a group course level, the school may change the course to a One to One class, meaning a 50% reduction in class hours.


Classes are held Monday through Friday, either mornings from 8:00 to 12:00 or afternoons from 14:00 to 18:00. These sessions are divided into two different periods seperated by a twenty minute break.

The first period will focus mostly on grammar and specific vocabulary. In the second period, students get the chance to practice the language skills they have just learned by participating in conversations and exercises.

Different teachers teach each of the two periods, giving students exposure to different personal varieties of the language.

Our Spanish Teachers

Our highly experienced teachers share a passion for Spanish teaching and for sharing their vibrant cultural traditions. Our teaching staff is made up of a diverse mix of women and men of all different ages who come from a wide variety of backgrounds. No matter what your study goals are, they will extend a warm welcome to you in your new host country and make your study abroad course a memorable one.

Accommodation Options in Antigua

We offer the following accommodation options in Antigua:

  • Home Stay: We carefully select our host families to ensure that your stay will be as pleasant as possible. You will stay in a single room with full board (breakfast and two meals) provided Monday through Saturday.
  • Student residence with or without meals.

Meals are not provided on Sundays with any of the accommodation options.

Activities and Excursions

The school also arranges about three to four weekly activities for students. Our staff also participates, and they will be more than happy to offer explanations of any of your host country's interesting features that may be new to you. We make an effort to keep the activities as varied as we can, making sure we have something that suits everyone.

Common course activities include:

  • Trips to a museam or cultural centre
  • Visits to nearby towns
  • Sports activities
  • Cultural class

Anytime a festival or local celebration is happening in the area, we include it in our activities program, explaining the event in detail and making sure you have the chance to experience it in traditional fashion. 

Every week, everyone gets together for "pub night", a time for hanging out and getting to know one another. Although activity participation is completely voluntary, everyone likes to get involved and it's a great opportunity for making new friends.

Each Tuesday, we teach salsa lessons at our new dance studio. These exciting lessons are open to students and teachers.

Our Opinion

Antigua's beautiful surrounding and welcoming atmosphere make it an ideal setting for an in-country Spanish course. You'll not only get to know the local people, you'll also be completely immersed within the rich culture of Guatamala. Our school is here to accommodate your needs and interests and to make sure you become as fluent as possible in Spanish!