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Spanish School in Bariloche

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Partner School Bariloche

school location 258 Ada Maria Elflein, San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina - Information about Bariloche

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Learn Spanish in Bariloche, Argentina

The Bariloche Spanish school is located within the city center, less then one kilometre from the Centro Civico. The school is served by all busses which stop less then two blocks away.

The building features five classrooms, a conference room, and a teachers lounge. Students are treated to complimentary coffee, tea and croissants along with a relaxing backyard that offers spectacular views of the Nahuel Huapi Hills and Lake.

*In the event that only one student signs up for a course level, the school holds the right to convert a group class to a One to One class, meaning class hours will be reduced by 50%


Students take 4 daily 55 minute classes, in groups with a maximum of seven students. Afterward, they are welcome to participate in after-class activities prepared by the school. Daily classes are grouped into two blocks seperated by a 20 minute break.

Accommodation Options in Bariloche

With our home-stay option, students stay with a local family, which has been carefully selected by the school, in a home that is located just 10 to 25 minutes away from school. Students may choose between half board or breakfast only meal options and optional laundry service is offered. On Sundays however, meals are not provided with any accommodation option.

Excursions and Activities

Activities include ice skating at Nahuel Huapi National Park and a trip to the Patagonia Museum. For adventurous students, this is a great place for windsurfing and sailing. 

Our Opinion

With its traditionally hospitible residents, fantastic wildlife and outdoor adventure possibilities, Bariloche is an ideal destination for studying Spanish and enjoying the peace and natural beauty of Argentina.