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Spanish School in Buenos Aires

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Partner School Buenos Aires

school location Calle Suipacha 84, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Information about Buenos Aires

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Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Our Buenos Aires Spanish language school is conveniantly located in the Belgrano neighbourhood, one of the city's most distinguishing districts. It is also near the bustling Palermo area and just a short walk away from cafes, shops, movie houses and restaurants. The San Telmo district, famous for its bohemian charm, is also just twenty minutes away. The building offers a number of attractive features such as: multimedia equipped classrooms, an internet cafe, a study lounge with chairs and sofas, a garden, a kitchen, balconies overlooking the avenue and even a tango studio.

Come discover Buenos Aires and learn Spanish with us! As part of the course, we'll welcome you to your new host country with a drink and a guided walking tour of the school's surroundings, where you'll get acquainted with Buenos Aires and your classmates and teachers.


Classes are 55 minutes long and they are held in the mornings or afternoons.

Our Spanish Teachers

Our teachers are all native Spanish speakers with teaching experience and qualifications. Students often enjoy a friendly relationship with their teachers and it is not uncommon for students and teachers to head out after class to enjoy the amazing city of Buenos Aires together.

Accommodation Options in Buenos Aires

Host family stay in a single room with half board.

Excursions and Activities

As part of the course, we also organise cultural activities such as trips to watch movie screenings and special classes on Argentine culture.

Our Opinion

Buenos Aires is an ideal place to learn Spanish and a new culture, offering both a safe and an exciting study abroad environment. It is a cosmopolitan city that blends European and Latin American culture into a unique flavour that charms visitors and leaves them completely enamoured.