Spanish School in Cadiz

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Spanish School in Cadiz

  • Study Spanish in Cadiz
  • Study Spanish in Cadiz
  • Study Spanish in Cadiz
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Partner School Cádiz

school location Plaza Mentidero, 19, 11003 Cádiz, Spain
Tel. 34 923277200 - Information about Cadiz

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Learn Spanish in Cadiz 

Our school in Cadiz was once home to Federico Jolly, who founded the newspaper "El Diario de Cádiz." Nowadays, this 3 floor building has been renovated to suit your needs. It combines the Andalusian architecture of its beautiful terrace and a patio, with modern conveniences. The school boasts its own kitchen, a communal student area for inbetween classes and a modern computer hall (complete with new computers, microphones and webcams).

While our Spanish school in Cadiz is not a don Quijote school, the teaching methods used here resemble those used by don Quijote's own teachers and meet the high standards we place on Spanish language instruction.

Excursions and activities

After-class activities are an integral part of your time with us. They're important in helping students integrate in Cadiz, but they also help you meet the other students while giving your Spanish studies a practical element which makes it more fun! As much as possible, staff members also participate in these activities, which helps create a personal learning environment.

Each week we organize a number of activities for you to enjoy. Some of these are free, such as for the cultural and literary workshops, guided city tours, museum visits and regular film screenings. We also arrange fiestas, trips to wine cellars, BBQ's, surf lessons, flamenco activities, a dinner, tapa routes, ceramics, as well as excursions to Granada, Ronda, Seville and more places of interest.

There's a minimum of two activities each week, so you enjoy your time with us as much as possible!

Cadiz School Facilities

  • Our historic 3-story, fully renovated school building; bright and comfortable facilities that feature a courtyard and terrace
  • WiFi availability throughout the building
  • Computer hall and free Internet (webcams, earphones and microphones)
  • Kitchen for the use of all students
  • Library where students may check out videos, music and books for free

Accommodation Options at Cadiz School

  • Home Stay: In an individual room or shared room, with a choice between full or half board catering.
  • Shared apartment / Apartment: In an individual, shared or a shared room for individual use.