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Cadiz City

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Information about Cadiz

  • Cadiz is home to 135,000 residents.
  • Located in the southeastern coast of Spain.
  • Cadiz is on a peninsular, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.
  • A beautiful port town steeped in history.

Cadiz is a beautiful city in the southwest of Spain, almost entirely surrounded by water and renowned for its beautiful sandy beaches. The city is home to around 135,000 inhabitants and is a truly vibrant place. Cadiz is split in two sections, the Old town and the New town, yet the whole city is uniquely situated on a narrow peninsular that is surrounded by the sea. Cadiz doesn't attract as many beach-minded tourists as other southern Spanish cities, which leaves you to enjoy the beaches, culture and atmosphere of this beautiful city in relative peace.

Cadiz Attractions

Cadiz's New town is very similar to many other Andalusian coastal towns, with streets studded with palm trees (thought to have arrived here centuries ago with Columbus return voyages), and many restaurants and bars for you to enjoy after a day on the beach.

The true nature of Cadiz's unique character is defined by its old town, also known as the central quarter. Cadiz is famed for its alluring charm, and the Old Town's many beautiful buildings stand as testimony to the city's rich past. The architecture displays the influence of the Moors in Cadiz from centuries ago. Cadiz's squares, for example Plaza España, San Juan de Dios, Plaza Constitucion and Mentidero are well worth visiting for their architectural beauty. A pleasant walk around the entire cape only takes about an hour, and longer if you stop to admire all the stunning views of the bay. Unlike other similar sized ports, Cadiz is a tranquil and laid-back place, full of tourists, students and Spaniards alike, which all make for a lively but safe nightlife.

The Phoenicians, the Romans, the Visigoths, the Moors, and of course, the Spaniards have all reigned over the area of Cadiz, and this historical mix is what makes the city so enchanting. All these civilisations and their architectural styles have contributed to the attractive flavour of this historic city.

The beautiful Baroque-style Cathedral has a distinctive golden dome. It is found in the historic quarter and is definitely worth a visit. Cadiz also offers a host of museums; the Archeological Museum and the Fine Arts Museum for example. Cadiz also features a number of parks for nature-loving visitors to explore, as well as beautiful beaches. The city's towers provide fantastic views of the sea and the city, as well as giving an insight into the defensive history of Cadiz.

Cadiz is a vibrant city in a beautiful setting. With its distinct character, its strong sense of history and culture, as well as the coastline and southern Spanish climate to enjoy, Cadiz is an ideal place to learn Spanish!