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Spanish School in Cordoba

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Partner School Córdoba

school location 27 San José de Calasanz, Córdoba, Argentina - Information about Cordoba

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Learn Spanish in Cordoba, Argentina

The don Quijote Spanish school in Cordoba is situated right in the city centre, near the main shopping area. The school itself can accommodate up to eighty students, and it features twelve classrooms, a kitchen, a multi-media room with internet access, a conference room (a great place for enjoying tea, coffee, or mate), a roof-top terrace that offers students a spectacular view of the city, a swimming pool and a garden. The facilities are handicap accessible.

*If only one student signs up for a group class at a certain level, the school may change the class to a One to One course, meaning class hours will be reduced by fifty percent.

New students are welcomed with a brunch, followed by a walking tour of Cordoba with classmates and teachers.

Class sizes never exceed seven students and the average class size is just three students.


Classes last fifty five minutes and are available in the morning and afternoon.

Teaching staff

The Cordoba school's teachers are all highly qualified instructors of Spanish as a foreign language, and they are committed to ensuring that your experience in Argentina is as productive and comfortable as possible.

Accommodation Options in Cordoba

  • Host family: stay in an individual or shared room, receive breakfast only or half board meals.
  • Student residence: shared room, choose between no meals provided or breakfast only.

On Sundays, meals are not provided with any accommodation option.

Activities and Outings

The school organises two or more weekly culture activities. These include special classes on cultural themes, visits to nearby points of interest and film viewing.

Our Opinion

Cordoba is conveniently located in the heart of Argentina, making it an ideal base from which to explore the country. The vast flatlands of the Pampas and the dramatic landscape of the Andes Mountains are both close to Cordoba, offering nature lovers and skiers exciting opportunities to discover Argentina's varied geography.

The mild temperatures, low presence of tourists, historic architecture, prestigious university and beautiful natural landscape all help make Cordoba an excellent destination for learning Spanish and experiencing the rich culture of Argentina.