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Spanish School in Havana

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Learn Spanish in Havana, Cuba

Our Spanish school in Havana, Cuba offers a unique setting for your study abroad program. Instead of centralising classes in a physical building, we offer students in Havana the opportunity to learn Spanish and experience first-hand the richness of Cuban culture in a personalised study environment with our experienced and highly qualified Spanish teachers.

Classes are held in the home of your host family, at the teacher's home or in small groups at a local Cuban cultural centre. In each of these different class settings, you'll be surrounded by native speakers and immersed in the culture of Havana.

The school is affiliated with one of Cuba's most esteemed cultural organisations the UNEAC (Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba).

*The school may convert courses to "one to one" courses in the event that only one student is in a class of a specific level, meaning class hours will be reduced by 25%.


The school arranges your class schedule according to your level of Spanish. Classes are held in the morning (beginning at 8:30 am) and in the afternoon. Each class lasts 50 minutes.

Accommodation Options in Havana

We recommend staying with a host family in Cuba. Host families live in spacious, comfortable homes located in the nice residential area of Raparto Vedado. This is a quiet neighbourhood where you'll also find clubs and bars nearby. The area is about a 15 minute taxi or bicycle ride, or a 40-45 minute walk, from Havana's famous old town. You'll stay in a single room with air conditioning or a fan and take half board meals (breakfast and dinner will be provided).

Excursions and Activities

You'll have the special chance to participate in a variety of trips and activities during your study abroad course in Cuba, where you'll explore the island's gorgeous natural landscape and historic cities with your classmates. Visit one of Cuba's tobacco factories or rum museums, or go horseback riding or even scuba diving in refreshing gulf waters.

Havana is a city that echoes the Caribbean rhythms of salsa and son, a place that inspires poets and a place where everything you see exudes poetry. Come immerse yourself in the culture and language of Havana, and experience for yourself this fascinating city.