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Heredia City

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Information about Heredia, Costa Rica

Heredia is located just 10 km from San José, Costa Rica's capital. Heredia was breifly the country's capital city from 1935 to 1938, and today it is the capital of its province (also called Heredia). 

The city was originally called Cubujuquí, but the name changed to Villa de Heredia in 1763. It is often called the "city of flowers", a name earned due to the spectacular countryside landscape that surrounds the city and the striking beauty of the women that are from here. Historic buildings such as the emblematic fort, the telegraph building, the post office and many others, all recall Heredia's intriguing history. These sites are all located on a main street that runs through the middle of town and they take up a distance of only about 300 m. 

Heredia province is well known for its coffee production. One of Café Britt's most important coffee plantations is here, and tourists are encouraged to tour the farm to learn about the process of making coffee and to sample some of its delicious products such as liquor flavoured coffee, chocolate and many others.

Visitors will also find a number of shopping centres here, where they can spend the day hunting through a wide variety of shops for must-have purchases.

The city's industrial area, to the west of Heredia, has recently experienced rapid growth. Many of the world's most influential companies have built headquarters here: Hewlett-Packard, Wall-Mart, Roche, Pfizer and IBM.

A large portion of the province is made up of fantastic nature reserves such as the Braulio Carillo National Park which features two inactive volcanoes that tower almost 3,000 metres to the sky.

Heredia is the ideal destination for anyone interested in discovering the tropical beauty of Costa Rica while enjoying the comforts of a small town.