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Spanish School in Mendoza

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Partner School Mendoza

school location Mariano Moreno, Mendoza, Argentina - Information about Mendoza

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Learn Spanish in Mendoza, Argentina

Our Spanish school in Mendoza, is situated in a short walk away from valuable monuments such as: Casa de Gobierno, Parque Cívico and City Hall. The school is made up of 6 spacious classrooms, a staff room, a conference room with tea and coffee making facilities, a kitchen, an IT suite and beautiful gardens with a barbeque.

* If there are not enough students of a similar ability, dQ School may switch a course from Intensive to One on One.


Each school day consists of several 55 minute sessions split into two blocks with twenty minute comfort breaks in between. Class-size never exceeds 7 students. Students may participate in after-school clubs if they wish.

Accommodation Options in Mendoza

Host Family – if you choose this option then you will be living with a local family who will cook you breakfast and dinner, allowing you to grab lunch with friends between classes. A washing service is available. This is a good option for those moving away from home for the first time. All host families have a large guest bedroom, a garden and a swimming pool.

Note: the option for half board and a laundry service is not valid on Sundays.

Day Trips & Activities

From the wine cellars of Mendoza to white-water rafting and kayaking on the rapids of the Andes Mountains, you'll find plenty of interesting things to do at dQ Mendoza – there will never be a dull moment!

Our Opinion

Mendoza, Argentina is an idyllic setting; somewhere you can learn Spanish at your own pace. Whether you are fanatic about water sports or you are a lover of fine wines, Mendoza has a little bit of everything!