Spanish School in Oaxaca

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Spanish School in Oaxaca

  • Study Spanish in Oaxaca
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don Quijote Oaxaca

school location Calle Abasolo 217, Centro, Oaxaca, México - Information about Oaxaca

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Learn Spanish in Oaxaca, Mexico

Our Spanish school in Oaxaca has a privileged location in the city centre, a short walk away from the awe-inspiring Santo Domingo Convent and the city's Zócalo (Main Square). Its central location means you'll find a cornucopia of bars and restaurants, galleries and museums to visit. The school building itself is an old colonial house. Classrooms are kept cool by the thick walls and the large patio is the perfect place for catching up with international friends over a drink or snack.


Lessons take place on weekdays with a short comfort break half way through. There are never more than 5 students per group. Lessons are composed of 2 elements: grammar and conversation. Conversation topics include: Mexican history, Zapotecan culture, national holidays etc.

Accommodation Options in Oaxaca

There is one type of accommodation in Oaxaca to choose from:

  • Host Family – if you choose this option then you will be living with a local family who will cook you breakfast and dinner, allowing you to grab lunch with friends between classes. This is a good option for those moving away from home for the first time. All host families have a large located within easy walking distance of the school.

School Trips

Every weekend and on selected weekdays the school organises trips for students to a variety of places of interest some of which are listed below:

  • Monte Alban
  • Hierve el Agua
  • "El Tule" tree
  • Mezcal distilleries
  • Beautiful churches and convents

Indoor Activities

  • Cooking
  • Arts and crafts
  • Salsa classes
  • Singing Mexican songs

Outdoor Activities

  • A fiesta or a picnic

Our Opinion

The city of Oaxaca with its cultural, ethnic and historic richness, Oaxaca is an ideal place to experience the beauty of Mexico and its people.