Spanish School in Pamplona

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Spanish School in Pamplona

  • Study Spanish in Pamplona
  • Study Spanish in Pamplona
  • Study Spanish in Pamplona
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Partner School Pamplona

school location Avenida Baja Navarra 47, 31002, Pamplona, Spain
Tel. 34 923277200 - Information about Pamplona

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Learn Spanish in Pamplona

Our Pamplona Spanish school is housed in the top floor of a well-known medical school, a building that offers a pleasant blend of old world charm and modern comfort. Located next to the scenic Parque de la Medialuna (halfmoon park), our school features free internet access and wi-fi in the library, while the building itself displays elegant architecture and a glass-enclosed restaurant.

All teachers at our Pamplona partner school have university degrees and specialised training in Spanish language instruction. We have carefully selected this school as don Quijote partner because the highly effective teaching methods used there are quite similar to our own.

Pamplona School Facilities

If you have chosen to learn Spanish in Pamplona, prepare to enjoy a full schedule of activities, from guided tours of the historical city to hiking and mountain climbing. You can also take excursions to wineries, an amusement park or the Bardenas Desert among many other exciting possibilities.

School facilities

  • Centralised heating and air-conditioning
  • A resource centre
  • The building has been fully adapted to accommodate disabled visitors, students and staff.
  • Movie-viewing centre
  • A glass-enclosed restaurant

Accommodation Options at Pamplona School

  • Home Stay: Individual or shared rooms with full or half board meal options
  • Shared flat / Apartment: Individual, shared or shared rooms for individual use.