Spanish School in Playa del Carmen

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Spanish School in Playa del Carmen

  • Study Spanish in Playa del Carmen
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don Quijote Playa del Carmen

school location Calle 6 entre Av. 35 y Av. 40, Centro, Playa del Carmen, México - Information about Playa del Carmen

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Learn Spanish in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

A stone’s throw from stunning, white, sandy beaches, what could possibly be better than going to class under a thatched room amongst tropical gardens? If you´re good at multi-tasking: i.e. you fancy the challenge of soaking up sun and Spanish simultaneously, then our Spanish School in Playa del Carmen is for you!

Just because the location is top-notch, doesn´t mean you´ll have to compromise on the interior… air-conditioned throughout with an impressive library, café, volleyball court and more… surely there is not much more you could ask for!


Schooldays take place between the hours of 9am and 2pm. Classes (max. 5 students) are centered on two main aspects: conversation and grammar. If you opt into the individual classes in the afternoon, this will allow you to request extra help with your Spanish.

Accommodation Options in Playa del Carmen

  • Host Family – if you choose this option then you will be living with a local family who will cook you breakfast and dinner, allowing you to grab lunch with friends between classes. This is a good option for those moving away from home for the first time, or those that like their own space. All host families have a large guest bedroom and a garden.
  • Shared apartment – if you like to be around people, then you would probably enjoy living in a shared apartment. With a private bedroom and shared kitchen and living areas, you will always have someone to talk to!

* Shared rooms available on request.

Indoor & Outdoor Activities

In the afternoons, evenings and weekends, don Quijote offers a variety of fun activities for the enjoyment of all the students. Participation in such activities is a great way to get to know people and make friends very quickly.

Indoor activities

  • Cookery
  • Art
  • Salsa
  • Singing

Outdoor activities

  • Fiestas
  • Picnics

Our Opinion

The surrounding areas of Playa Del Carmen offer something for everyone: nature lovers can catch sight of some breathtaking sea life on a scuba-diving trip to Cozumel, just a short ferry-ride away. Equally, party animals and shop-a-holics can find everything they need in Cancun. However, most people never tire of Playa Del Carmen itself… with its luscious tropical gardens, crystal clear waters and shimmering white sands… the phrase “paradise on earth” springs to mind.