Spanish School in Salamanca

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Spanish School in Salamanca

  • Study Spanish in Salamanca
  • Study Spanish in Salamanca
  • Study Spanish in Salamanca
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don Quijote Salamanca

school location Calle Placentinos 2, 37008, Salamanca, Spain
Tel. 34 923277200 - Information about Salamanca

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Learn Spanish in Salamanca

30 years ago, the first don Quijote School was established in Salamanca. The school building itself is dazzling – a fully restored 16th Century monastery. The school itself is conveniently located in the city centre, just a stone’s throw from the University of Salamanca built in 1218. Other well-known buildings, including the cathedral and the Casa de las Conchas (shell house), are in easy walking distance of our don Quijote school. All the buildings in Salamanca are made of golden stones, and concealed lighting causes these buildings to appear as if they are glowing at night. It is truly a spectacular sight that you must see to believe.

In spite of the beautiful façade of the school and the excellent location, you do not have to compromise on the interior: 17 fully-equipped classrooms spread over 3 stories. Free Wi-Fi access throughout the school enables students to bring their own laptops if they so wish. Alternatively, there is an IT suite for the use of students as well as a peaceful library if you prefer to study the old-fashioned way! There is a cozy lounge area where students can go to relax between classes. During the summer months, people tend to adjourn to the garden to soak up a few rays of the Spanish sunshine.

A popular thing to do among students is to rent a car and make a road trip! Salamanca is close to the border with Portugal and a couple of hours from Madrid, so these are both popular student destinations, especially when there a local or national holiday. Students make up a staggering 20% of the population in Salamanca so be in no doubt that you will make lots of friends very quickly! There are a handful of arranged events each week specially designed to help students to get to know each other and Salamanca and the surrounding areas. When you are not in school, you will never be bored or stuck for something to do. If anything, you will have so many possible activities and events that you won't know what to choose!

Salamanca School Facilities

  • 17 classrooms in a 3 story building.
  • Wi-Fi access throughout the school.
  • IT Suite.
  • Library.
  • Student lounge complete with LCD TV and DVD player.
  • Central heating and air conditioning for your comfort throughout the seasons.

Spanish Course in Salamanca

don Quijote Salamanca Accommodation Options

  • Homestay: Individual or shared rooms, with a choice of half board or fully catered, and the option of a private bathroom.
  • Student Residence: Individual or shared rooms with a private bathroom. Choose between breakfast only, half board or full board.
  • Shared Apartment: Individual or shared rooms, with the option of a private bathroom, no meals provided.
  • Private Apartment: Fully furnished apartments. No meals provided. Contact us for more information:

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