Spanish School in Santiago de Chile

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Spanish School in Santiago de Chile

  • Study Spanish in Santiago de Chile
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school location Santiago de Chile, Chile - Information about Santiago de Chile

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Learn Spanish in Santiago de Chile

Our Spanish school in Santiago de Chile is an architecturally stunning old mansion located in the centre of Chile. The interior is no less impressive, with spacious rooms, furnished to perfection with complementary color schemes.

The school comprises the following spaces: 14 classrooms, 5 bathrooms, an IT suite, a lounge, a restaurant and a sun terrace which benefit from a panoramic view over the city.

The school is big enough to host some events throughout the year but it still feels comfortable; a place to feel at home among modern and antique architecture.


Each school day consists of four lots of fifty-five minute sessions split into two blocks with a twenty minute comfort break in between.

Our Spanish Teachers

Only university graduates qualified to teach Spanish as a foreign language are employed by the school. Most teachers have a second or third European language too. As well as imparting knowledge about the language itself, teachers are dedicated to educating their students about local customs and culture too.

Accommodation Options in Santiago de Chile

Host Family – if you choose this option then you will be living with a local family who will cook you breakfast and dinner, allowing you to grab lunch with friends between classes. This is a good option for those moving away from home for the first time.

Note: the option for half board and a laundry service is not valid on Sundays.

Student Residence – if you like to be around people, then you would probably enjoy living in a shared apartment. With a private bedroom and shared kitchen and living areas, you will always have someone to talk to!


In the evenings and weekends, don Quijote offers a variety of fun activities and excursions for the enjoyment of all the students. Participation in such activities is a great way to get to know people and make friends very quickly. Some of the excursions are listed below:

  • Wine tasting at a local vineyard
  • Visit to the museum of Pablo Neruda
  • Guided tour of the “Palacio Cousiño”
  • Visit to a cultural center and the opportunity to talk to indigenous people
  • Trip to the memorial of the Pinochet dictatorship victims
  • Walk to the Cerro Santa Lucia
  • KAIROS project

Our Opinion

After a shower of rain when the air is clear, Santiago city lies in a spectacular sunlit setting like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Santiago is framed by snowcapped mountains which, as well as looking pretty, serve as an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life: a wide range of activities such a climbing, horse riding and skiing are all available on your doorstep. Although perhaps not as grand as Buenos Aires, Santiago is certainly the most cultured and quirky of the two cities.