Spanish School in Santo Domingo

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Spanish School in Santo Domingo

  • Study Spanish in Santo Domingo
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Partner School Santo Domingo

school location Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana - Information about Santo Domingo

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Learn Spanish in Santo Domingo,Dominican Republic

Our Spanish school in Santo Domingo is ideally positioned facing the university campus. Surrounded by luscious tropical gardens, the campus is a popular place among students to sit and catch up with friends. The school has been decorated simply inside to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. An easygoing environment paired with friendly staff means that don Quijote students receive a personalized learning experience.

The campus itself is located centrally meaning that bars and restaurants, theatres and museums are all located minutes away from the university bounds.

*Class size NEVER exceeds 7 and we prefer to keep it down to 2 students per teacher.


Classes are 45 minutes long and they take place in the morning or afternoon.

Indoor Activities & Outdoor Excursions

During evenings and weekends, don Quijote offer a variety of fun activities for the enjoyment of all the students. Participation in such activities is a great way to get to know people and make friends very quickly.

Indoor Activities

  • Dance Lessons
  • Theatre Productions

Outdoor Excursions

  • Hikes
  • Museum Visits

Our Opinion

Santo Domingo offers Spanish immersion students an exciting variety of activities to participate in, from hanging out on the white sands of tropical beaches to exploring the area's rich landscapes. Lush jungles, mountains and deserts are all waiting to be experienced, along with the vibrant culture and Spanish language of this ideal Spanish study destination.