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Spanish School in Sosua

  • Study Spanish in Sosua
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Partner School Sosua

school location Sosua, Republica Dominicana - Information about Sosua

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Learn Spanish in Sosua, Dominican Republic

Our Spanish school in Sosua is situated just a quick walk from the beach and Sosua's city centre. Class is often held in one of the four outdoor terraces, where students learn Spanish in the cool shade of the surrounding tropical trees.

International students learning Spanish and Dominican students learning English or German hang out together in the garden, playing ping pong, relaxing on lounge chairs and practicing their languages skills with one another. The school has computers, Wi-Fi and free internet access.


Class takes place Monday through Friday, in the morning or afternoon. Lessons last forty five minutes.

Our Spanish Teachers

Teachers at our Sosua partner school are highly qualified to teach Spanish, and they are passionate about teaching students their language. They are also happy to advise students on any questions they may have regarding life in the Dominican Republic.

Accommodation Options in Sosua

  • School apartments
  • Studios
  • Hotels (3 to 4 stars)

You can choose from an individual or double room with any of these options. Breakfast is provided with the program unless you choose the aparthotel accommodation. Students may also opt for accommodation in the neighbouring city of Cabarate, in a two star aparthotel.

Activities and Outings

We strongly recommend that students participate in the activities organised by the school. Dominican students often participate in excursions also, which gives you an excellent opportunity to make new friends from your host country and practice your Spanish.

Common activities:

  • Film viewing
  • Dancing to live music (merengue and son) at a five-star hotel (admission is free)
  • Touring Sosua and visiting cultural establishments and other attractions.
  • On weekends beach trips are organised, where students can soak up the sun, go swimming or try windsurfinging and other aquatic sports.

Our Opinion

If you're interested in enjoying your study abroad experience in a relaxing Caribbean destination, then this Dominican town is a fantastic option.