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Spanish School in Sucre

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Partner School Bolivia

school location Sucre, Bolivia - Information about Sucre

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Learn Spanish in Sucre, Bolivia

Our Spanish school in Sucre is situated just a block away from the town square, right in the middle of the city's centre.

Lessons at the school last sixty minutes, and are held in the morning and afternoon. The school accommodates around forty students, most of whom come from The U.S. and Europe. It features fifteen classrooms, two inner patios, a sunny roof-top terrace, a kitchen, two common areas, free internet, a recreation room and a cafeteria.


Students take morning or afternoon classes and get a thirty minute break. Courses start every Monday throughout the year.

Our Spanish Teachers

Teachers all have specialised qualifications and experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language. They feel passionate about maximising your Spanish improvement during your stay in Sucre.

Accommodation Options in Sucre

  • Host family: Stay in a carefully chosen, local family's home. You will have a single room and half board meals.
  • Student Residence: Stay in an individual or double room. Meals are not provided.

Indoor & Outdoor Activities

Our school organises two to three weekly activities, and we offer students schedules of events happening in and around Sucre, where you can find information on local festivals, museum exhibitions and theatre performances.

Excursions are organised twice a month and students enjoy other types of engaging cultural activities arranged by the school on the weekend.

Activities often include:

  • Excursions to nearby points of interest
  • Dancing lessons
  • Cooking lessons
  • Parties
  • Spanish language film viewing
  • Discussion groups

Our Opinion

Sucre is a wonderful destination for learning Spanish and experiencing the rich culture of Bolivia.