Spanish School in Tenerife

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Spanish School in Tenerife

  • Study Spanish in Tenerife
  • Study Spanish in Tenerife
  • Study Spanish in Tenerife
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don Quijote Tenerife

school location Avenida de Colón 14, Edificio Bélgica, 38400, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain.
Tel. 34 923277200 - Information about Tenerife

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Learn Spanish in Tenerife

  • The Multimedia roomStudents using the multimedia room
  • The Spanish language school - Tenerifedon Quijote - Tenerife

Our Spanish school in Tenerife is conveniently located; after class, students can walk to the beach in five minutes, walk to city hall (right in the heart of the city) in just ten minutes, and visit the renowned Lagos Martiñez in just two minutes. This scenic Canary Island destination is the perfect setting for our modern school, which features seven classrooms, a multimedia room, a patio and a recreational area for relaxing between class time with a TV, stereo system and a library. If you like the idea of learning Spanish from highly qualified teachers and participating in exciting recreational activities, all right next to the beach, then don Quijote Tenerife is the school for you!

don Quijote Tenerife Accommodation Options

  • Shared apartment / Apartment: Individual, double or double rooms for individual use.
  • Home Stay: Individual or double rooms available in a Spanish family home. Meal options include: full or half board, or breakfast only. Weekly laundry service is provided.
  • Premium Accommodation: Private apartment or apartment (individual, double or double rooms for individual use). Meals are not included in the apartments. For Premium Homestay accommodation, the choice of individual or double rooms is available, with half or full board catering.