Spanish School in Valencia

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Spanish School in Valencia

  • Study Spanish in Valencia
  • Study Spanish in Valencia
  • Study Spanish in Valencia
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don Quijote Valencia

school location Calle Cadirers 5, 46001 Valencia, Spain
Tel. 34 923277200 - Information about Valencia

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Learn Spanish in Valencia

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  • Study Spanish in ValenciaIn front of don Quijote's school in Valencia

Our Valencia Spanish school is located right at the centre of the university quarter of Valencia. The school has been recently renovated, and it has the modern conveniences and technology to ensure that you enjoy your time learning Spanish with us in Valencia. Situated in an ideal location, from where students can easily reach both sun-soaked beaches and the bustling downtown area, the don Quijote Spanish language school in Valencia is a perfect place to learn Spanish.

don Quijote's Valencia school enjoys a tram just over the road from the school, as well as a bus stop which is on central bus routes. Since the school is located in the beautiful university district, Valencia's Plaza Mayor is just 15 minutes away, and you can be at the beach in only five minutes!

The school has nine bright and airy classrooms, and an expansive communal area for taking a break between classes. We have computers for your use, and coffee and vending machines to take advantage of. At don Quijote's Valencia school, you have a modern, comfortable academic centre in which to concentrate on your studies, and a vibrant city to explore after classes.

Valencia School Facilities

  • A computer lab with stations for ten users
  • Nine classrooms
  • Central air conditioning and heating
  • Wi-Fi, accessible in the entire building
  • Four bathrooms
  • Full accessibility throughout the building for disabled visitors and students
  • A common area, where students can study or enjoy a, TV, library, stereo...

don Quijote Valencia Accommodation Options

don Quijote Spanish school in Valencia uses the modern Colegio Mayor for its student residence, which offers you a wonderful chance to use your Spanish, as your neighbours will be fellow don Quijote students, as well as Spanish students from the Polytechinic University of Valencia.

  • don Quijote Residence (with private bathroom): Individual or double rooms, with full or half board catering options.
  • Home Stay: Individual or double rooms available, with meal options of full or half-board or breakfast only.
  • Shared apartment / Apartment: Individual, double or double rooms for individual use to choose from.
  • Student Residence / Family Residence: Individual or double rooms available, with a choice of full or half-board, or no meals provided.
  • Premium Accommodation: Private apartment or apartment (individual, double or double rooms for individual use). Meals are not provided in the Premium apartments. For the Premium Home Stay, individual or double rooms are available, with catering options of half or full board.