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Spanish Schools

Priding itself on teaching excellence and boasting more than 25 years' experience, don Quijote offers an array of Spanish language courses across both Spain and Latin America.

Carefully designed to help students of all ages and abilities to gain linguistic confidence in a fun and engaging way, our Spanish programs revolve around the importance of the individual by giving them the personal attention they need to progress.

With the opportunity to learn Spanish abroad, to meet people from all over the world and to explore an abundance of spectacular destinations, don Quijote Spanish schools provide its students with lifelong memories.
location Barcelona

Globally-renowned for its striking Gaudí architecture, beautiful Mediterranean coastline and vibrant nightlife, Barcelona provides visitors with an unforgettable city break no matter the time of year. Barcelona

location Granada

Lying at the foothills of Andalusia’s majestic Sierra Nevada and home to the exquisite Alhambra palace, Granada is a city steeped in history and prompts visitors to marvel at its intriguing Moorish past and stunning rural surroundings. Granada

location Madrid

A buzzing metropolis at the very heart of the country, the Spanish capital invites visitors to explore its world-famous museums, to frequent its numerous, trendy cafés and to stroll through the verdant and vast Retiro Park. Madrid

location Salamanca

Often declared as “the Oxford of Spain”, the medieval, and distinctively sandstone-coloured, university city of Salamanca charms tourists with its lively student atmosphere, magnificent Plaza Mayor and two incredibly grand cathedrals. Salamanca

location Tenerife

Combining spectacular beaches with a dramatic, volcanic landscape, Tenerife, the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, can be enjoyed in all its natural beauty all year round owing to its enviable reputation as the “Land of Eternal Spring”. Tenerife

location Valencia

Blending old with new, the picturesque port city of Valencia is celebrated for its contrasting urban landscapes boasting both a charming old quarter and futuristic cultural and scientific complex. Valencia

location Seville

Winning the hearts of tourists with its quaint cobbled streets, highly-passionate flamenco performances and guaranteed sunshine, Seville is a city which absolutely abounds in culture. Seville

location Alicante

The school is located in one of the most scenic areas of the city between the harbor, seaport and a famous esplanade lined with palm trees, shops and food venues. Located in a traditional Mediterranean style building, the school is located just two minutes from the beach while still in the city center. Alicante

Spanish Schools In Spain

Whether looking to combine your Spanish language course abroad with a culturally-enriching city break or a long-awaited beach holiday, don Quijote’s 12 Spanish destinations cater for the desires of all our students. Taking advantage of the sheer diversity of Spain’s vast landscape, our schools are located in close proximity to some of the country’s most well-known sights from Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia to Madrid’s Gran Vía to Seville’s Alcázar palace and it is thanks to these privileged positions that our students make the absolute most of their stay in Spain.

Spanish destinations

Spanish Schools In Latin America

From towering skyscrapers to paradisiacal beaches to rugged mountains, don Quijote’s 24 Latin American destinations enable students to improve their Spanish language skills amidst some truly breathtaking surroundings. Particularly popular among the more physically active, our Latin American schools offer students the opportunity to complement their Spanish experience abroad with a variety of exhilarating sporting activities. With the chance to hike Peru’s world-famous Inca Trail, to ski down the snowy peaks of Chile’s Valle Nevado resort and to raft along Argentina’s extensive Andean rapids, a don Quijote Spanish course in Latin America enables students to finally fulfil their travelling dreams

Spanish Schools in Latin America

Offering Spanish language courses in 36 destinations across 12 countries, don Quijote is delighted to welcome more than 20,000 students from 85 countries to study in its schools every year.