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Study Spanish in Bolivia

  • Learn Spanish in Bolivia
  • Learn Spanish in Bolivia
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Spanish Schools in Bolivia

Bolivia is a country of captivating contrasts that invites visitors to discover towering peaks and low flatlands, thriving cities and remote jungles. don Quijote offers a wide variety of programmes that allow you to study Spanish while immersed in this beautiful, engaging Latin American country.

  • Sucre - This enchanting and peaceful city, which is also Bolivia’s constitutionally-recognized capital city, features a rich mixture of indigenous Andean culture and colonial influences.

Spanish Courses in Bolivia

  • Intensive (20 group classes): With this course, students quickly and effectively build and strengthen all general areas of their Spanish by participating in 20 dynamic classes weekly, where they put newly acquired language skills to practical use by engaging in lively group discussions on topics of interest.
  • Super Intensive (20 group classes + 10 private classes): This course appeals to students interested in advancing their Spanish skills even more quickly, as it offers 10 private classes in addition to the 20 weekly hours of group class.
  • Private Classes (20 classes): This is the perfect course for students with limited time availability, or for those that would just like to learn at their own pace. These individual classes allow you to advance in your Spanish skills according to your specific goals and interests.
  • Volunteer Programme: Students participating in this program are required to take a minimum 4-week Spanish programme in order to ensure that their Spanish level is high enough to effectively communicate with the community for whom they will be volunteering their services. After the course, they will have the special chance to volunteer with various social organizations. This programme includes a mediation fee and an additional weekly accommodation fee during the programme.

More Information about Bolivia

You may choose between two accommodation options in Sucre:

Homestay - Students enjoy their experience in Bolivia staying in a single room in the home of a local Bolivian family that has been carefully selected by the school. Half board meals included.

Student residence - Students can share their experience with other international students by staying in a student residence, where they can choose between a single or double room. Meals not included.

Currency: Boliviano (B$)

  • Meals
    Economy: US$2-5
    Middle-range: US$5-10
    High-end: US$10 and higher
  • Lodging
    Economy: US$6-15
    Middle-range: US$15-35
    High-end: US$35 and higher

Bolivia is a diverse South American country that can be divided into three main geographic areas, each which offer unique attractions: the Santa Cruz area, the valley lands and the high Andean plateau.

La Paz, while not the constitutional capital city, is where the Bolivian government is located and offers visitors a wide variety of museums, modern hotels and a lively nightlife. The scenic natural landscape of nearby Lake Titicaca, along with its history linked to the Incan empire, help make it a popular destination for tourists.

Sucre, which lies nestled in an Andean valley, is also an important city. This interesting and tranquil city is full of rich cultural traditions and has preserved much of its colonial architecture. The city of Cochabamba, also called the garden city, is famous for its delicious wine and rich folkloric traditions.

Nature lovers will find an incredible diversity of wildlife here just waiting to be explored. Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt flat in the world, measuring an incredible 10,500 km2 and offering visitors a fantastic natural panorama. Another point of interest is the Amazon basin, where river boat excursions and wildlife tours provide memorable adventures.

The unique diversity of Bolivia's fascinating destinations ranges from the dramatic natural landscapes of attractions such as the scenic and historic Lake Titicaca and the vast Andes mountain range, to the charming and culturally rich environment of cities such as Sucre and La Paz.