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Study Spanish in Chile

  • Learn Spanish in Chile
  • Learn Spanish in Chile
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Spanish Schools in Chile

don Quijote offers a variety of Spanish immersion programmes in Santiago de Chile, allowing you to discover one of the most modern and prosperous countries in Latin America and immerse yourself in the culture of Chile and the Spanish language. Come discover Santiago de Chile and learn Spanish in this dynamic setting back dropped by the magnificent Andes Mountains.

  • Santiago - This eccentric city with rich cultural traditions is the country's capital.

Spanish Courses in Chile

  • Intensive, 25 group classes: With twenty-five dynamic group lessons per week, this course effectively develops students' Spanish skills as they put newly acquired language to practical use during entertaining in-class discussions on a variety of topics of interest.
  • Super Intensive, 37 group classes: With our Super Intensive Course you will be able to dive deeper into Spanish. This program includes 37 dynamic classes per week that focus on teaching the language in a practical way. You will learn new useful language concepts and be able to put them into practice during your stay and long after.
  • Immersion, 25 group classes + 6 private classes: The course combines twenty-five intensive course hours with six additional one to one classes each week, offering you the chance to participate in engaging group discussions and receive individual instruction.
  • Private Classes, 10 classes: This is the perfect course for students with limited time availability or those interested in learning at their own pace. These classes are private and individual, meaning teachers focus exclusively on your interests, goals and personal progress.
  • Volunteer Program: Our volunteer program is the perfect way for students to learn Spanish and then to put their new skills to use in a practical setting. After taking a 4-week long Spanish programme students can choose between an internship or volunteer programme to immerse themselves in the Spanish language and culture.

More Information about Chile

We offer two accommodation options in Santiago de Chile:

Homestay: You will stay with a native Spanish speaking family in your choice of single or double room. You will also be able to choose between breakfast only or half board for your stay.

Student Residence: Choose stay in a double room or single room in an international student residence. There are no meals available with this accommodation option. 

Currency: peso (Ch$)

  • Meals
    Economy: US$2-10
    Middle-range: US$10-15
    High-end: US$15 and higher
  • Lodging
    Economy: US$10-20
    Middle-range: US$20-40
    High-end: US$40 and higher

Along with its curious shape, (this long, narrow country stretches 2,800 miles north to south and measures just 125 miles wide), Chile offers a variety of distinctive features such as fantastic scenery and dramatic natural landscape. The diversity of Chile's natural geography ranges from the barren lands of the sandy Atacama Desert to the majestic glaciers and mountains of the vast Patagonia region. The country is also lined on one side with the Andes mountain range and on the other side with the Pacific Ocean, which means you get the unique opportunity to go ski the slopes and go surf the waves on the same day! 

Chile is one of South America's wealthiest countries and its larger cities have a distinctive European cosmopolitan flair. The constantly expanding capital city of Santiago features towering skyscrapers, plazas, churches, museums, parks and wonderful restaurants, all set in a unique and fascinating environment that blends prosperous modernity with an old colonial past. The country's main port and second biggest city is Valparaiso, an intriguing place that is famous for its fine arts traditions, natural history, maritime museums and bustling markets.

Viña del Mar, situated right next to Chile's famous wine country, is one of the continent's most exclusive beach resorts. While this is also an important university town with an active year-round student atmosphere, quiet botanical gardens, white sand beaches and horse-drawn carriages make this town a peaceful place for relaxing.  

Countless adventure opportunities await in Chile, where kayaking wild waters, hiking nature trails, climbing volcanoes, relaxing your troubles away in warm springs and savouring the fine wines of Chile are just a few of the exciting possibilities this unique country has to offer.