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Spanish Schools in Colombia

Colombia is a fascinating place to learn Spanish because of its unparalleled diversity and variety. Each region, from the Andean, to the Caribbean, to the Pacific, will show you a new and exciting side of Colombia’s multi-faceted character. Come discover Colombia for yourself in our two destinations:

  • Bogota – Colombia’s capital city, which is also the third-highest capital city in the world, is the country’s culturally rich beating heart. Urban streets and historic monuments intertwine with Bogota’s colonial charm and beautiful nature.
  • Cartagena de Indias – Known simply as Cartagena, this magical and colonial city is located on the Caribbean coast and inspired the Nobel prize-winning writer Gabriel García Marquéz.

Spanish Courses in Colombia

  • Standard (15 group classes): This course is the best option for students who are looking for more free time to get to know the city and its local culture.
  • Intensive (20 group classes): Our Intensive Course offers students 20 hours of lessons per week, helping them learn Spanish quickly and effectively.
  • Private Classes (15 classes): This option is ideal for those looking for individualized lessons. With only 15 hours of one-to-one lessons per week, students are left with ample time for leisure and discovery.
  • Private Classes (20 classes): Take one-to-one lessons to the next level with 20 classes per week. Students get all the individual attention they need to learn to speak Spanish quickly and with fluency.
  • Spanish and Business (20 Spanish + 5 Business classes): This course is for our students looking to both improve their general Spanish as well as boost their CV’s with lessons in Business Spanish. Learn the necessary vocabulary to be able to use your Spanish in the workplace.
  • Spanish and Medicine (20 Spanish + 5 Medical vocab classes): For students working in the medical field and hoping to both improve their general Spanish as well as gain Spanish medical vocabulary, this course is guaranteed to improve professional Spanish fluency. Only available in Bogota.
  • Volunteer Programme: Experience what it’s like to work within a local community with our volunteer programme. Students must first complete a 4-week Intensive Spanish Course to ensure they can adequately communicate with those in the community.

More Information about Colombia

Students can choose between two accommodation options in Colombia:

Homestay with single room – Stay with a local family and get a true immersion experience. Students enjoy a private room and have the option of a private bathroom. Either just breakfast or half board options are available.

Student residence with single room – Students who stay in our student residence will get to know fellow international students on a deeper level, sharing experiences both inside and outside the classroom. Only available in Cartagena.  

Currency: Colombian Peso (COP$)

  • Meals
    Economy: US$2-4
    Middle-range: US$5-8
    High-end: US$10 and higher
  • Apartment rentals per month
    Outside of city center: US$200-300
    Inside city center: US$250-400

Colombia is a country rich with flavours, nature, culture, history and above all, pride. Colombians are known to be fiercely proud of their country and their diverse regions, as each region in Colombia comes as different and unique as the next. The Andean region, where the capital city of Bogota is found, is characterized by its mountainous nature and high altitudes, allowing its visitors truly breathtaking landscape views. Moving up to the north western coast, travellers will find themselves in the tropic Caribbean region, aptly named for its location along the beautiful Caribbean Sea. Here, it’s all about the beaches, the smiles, the colours and the music of cumbia and vallenato. Cartagena de Indias is arguably the most enchanting gem of this region, as it is famed as being one of the most popular destinations in Latin America. In fact, Colombia’s most famous author, Gabriel García Márquez, is said to have been inspired by Cartagena’s charming old historic centre.

Colombia’s Pacific region, to the south of the Caribbean, also enjoys beautiful beaches and hot tropical weather, and is known for its friendly people and rich biodiversity. Finally, the Orinoco region borders the Amazon, and leaves visitors speechless with its pristine natural beauty, lush green landscapes and rich indigenous roots. As you can imagine, Colombia's vast geographical differences also mean a striking variety of regional accents, vocabulary, food, music and more. No matter where you go in Colombia, you’re guaranteed to have an unforgettable and unique experience.