Why don Quijote?

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Why don Quijote?

  • Why Learn Spanish
  • Why Learn Spanish
  • Why Learn Spanish
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10 Reasons to Learn Spanish with don Quijote

  • An interactive and active study experience
    Since the foundation of don Quijote in 1986 we have enjoyed watching our students grow in confidence and capability as their Spanish is improved upon, and applied to "real life" situations. We teach Spanish the way you learnt your mother-tongue; we believe consistent practice and communication in an environment where Spanish is used continuously is the best way to learn. You can pick up more than you realise by having Spanish in context all around you.

  • Consistent client satisfaction
    Most of our students decide to enroll with don Quijote because a friend has personally refered us to them. Upon finishing coursework, our students speak Spanish with greater confidence and take away fantastic memories of their time abroad.

  • A wide variety of courses, accommodation options, locations and activities
    You get to choose the Spanish course that suits you. Not only does don Quijote have over 25 different Spanish courses on offer, but our flexible start dates and large variety of accommodation options means that you'll get the Spanish course that you want. You can study for just one week, or for as many as you wish! We also have optional activities and weekend excursions on offer.

  • A diverse student body
    Students of all different ages come to study Spanish with don Quijote from all around the world. We receive as many as 12,000 students from over 60 countries each year, why not be one of them! Read what our students say about don Quijote.

  • Quality you can rely on
    don Quijote schools have been awarded prestigious recognition and certifications, which include the Certificate for Excellence in Teaching Spanish as Foreign Language (CEELE) awarded by the University of Alcalá and being recognised by the Cervantes Institute as accredited learning centres (Valencia, Tenerife, Salamanca and Granada). American universities give course credit for our courses, and the governments of both Switzerland and Germany have approved don Quijote for scholarship programmes.

  • Our talented and native-speaking teachers, dedicated exclusively to your Spanish learning
    Since don Quijote's founding in 1986, we have remained committed to teaching Spanish as a foreign language in Spanish speaking countries. Our teachers all not only hold degrees, they also have a passion for helping students learn Spanish. don Quijote has even developed our own methodology based on many years of teaching experience. Our teachers created our own textbooks using don Quijote's highly effective method of teaching which the Edebé publishing company even published for Spanish learning use all over the world.

  • Premiere destinations
    At don Quijote, we believe learning the culture is an essential part of learning the language. For that reason, we have taken care to select the most culturally significant, beautiful and historic study destinations for our schools in Spain and in Latin America. You also have the choice of studying at one of our schools or combining two or more destinations, as all of our schools and partner schools follow the same teaching methods.

  • Fully equipped schools in central locations
    As part of don Quijote's interest in the culture and history of Spanish, we have set up our schools in historic neighbourhoods. dQ guarantees that all of our schools will have free wi-fi and internet access, a library, as well as free use of our Online Course.

  • Dynamic cultural activities
    As part of our Formula +1 promise, we have daily culture activities or classes on offer, free of charge. On weekends, we offer sightseeing trips so you can get to know your host city and other points of interest. We want to make sure you get the most out of your time learning Spanish.

  • Spanish for Life
    We encourage you to keep in touch through dQ's monthly newsletter, and you can keep practicing and learning Spanish with our weekly e-mail lessons and free dQ online members' community.