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don Quijote Guarantees

  • don Quijote's Quality Guarantees
  • don Quijote's Quality Guarantees
  • don Quijote's Quality Guarantees
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don Quijote's Quality Guarantees

At don Quijote, we guarantee the quality of our services. Contact us with any queries you may have, and on your booking, the sales team will be happy to help any way they can.

Combine destinations:

don Quijote has schools all over Spain and also in Mexico, that we operate ourselves. We also work with 23 partner schools that we have carefully selected throughout Latin America and other parts of Spain. All of the schools, both don Quijote and our partners, use the same dQ teaching method. This means that you can combine your time studying Spanish in any of the 39 different cities we offer, while taking one continuous course. You can travel around the Spanish-speaking world and improve your language along the way.

Our qualified teachers:

All of the don Quijote teachers are not only native Spanish speakers, but have also earned a university degree.

Our D.E.L.E. exam guarantee:

When you take 9 consecutive months of a course (with at least 90% class attendence), at any don Quijote school, we guarantee that you will earn the official D.E.L.E. Certificate for your Spanish level. If you don't, we will then give you four extra weeks of class, at no extra charge, and we will also pay the re-examination fee. 

Maximum of 3 to 10 students to a class:

Small class sizes mean that you benefit from attentive teachers who can get to know your needs and language goals. With our Super Intensive and Intensive courses, we allocate class sizes with an average of just five pupils per group (with 10 students as a guaranteed maximum) and with Premium courses, there is maximum of three students per group.

You'll always study at an appropriate level:

As we offer Spanish programs at all different levels, for anyone from beginners to those who have a near-native grasp of the language, we work to ensure that you are placed in classes that are appropriate for your level. When you arrive, we assess your linguistic proficiency with written and oral tests, which lets us determine the level that's right for you. If for any reason your language level isn't suited to the group you've been put into, the school's Study Director will do all they can to help you - just go and speak to them about your concerns.

Feel at home, even abroad!

For you to get the most out of your Spanish education, we want you to feel at home with no accommodation issues. If over the first week of your stay in host family accommodation you do not feel happy, we will place you with a different family, at no additional charge.

Consistent Spanish practice!

To make sure you get the most out of your opportunity to speak Spanish, if you choose the homestay accommodation option, there will never be over 3 don Quijote students per host family. Similarly, we encourage all students in dQ accommodation to speak Spanish amongst themselves as much as possible, and we'll get you speaking Spanish from your very first class!

Always just 30 minutes away, or closer!

We ensure that whichever option you chose, your accommodation will never be more than a half an hour away from school: you can walk to the schools in Granada, Salamanca and Guanajuato, and for all other don Quijote schools, you will get there in less than 30 minutes by public transport.