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Included Services

  • don Quijote Included Services
  • don Quijote Included Services
  • don Quijote Included Services
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Your Spanish language course with don Quijote, also includes:

  • a 24-hour phone line is at your disposal in case of emergencies
  • We have professional guidance advisors who will be available to help with your cultural adaptation.

At don Quijote, we promise you:

  • We will place you in the level of study that's best for you at the beginning of your course, through written and oral level tests.
  • We provide all of the study materials you need for every different Spanish level that you study.
  • don Quijote has small class sizes, which means you can get the most out of the Spanish lessons.
  • Formula +1: whichever course you choose, each day you get an extra cultural class, which focuses on current events and culture.
  • There's a Tutor at your disposal to help your progress in Spanish.
  • You will recieve a certificate for proof of completion which documents your progress, the number of hours you have taken and the level of Spanish proficiency you have achieved.

To help you settle in:

  • In don Quijote schools we have a welcome reception with tapas at the school, which helps you get to know your teachers and other dq students. These are put on once a fortnight.
  • We give guided tours of your host-city, helping you to get orientated from your very first day.
  • A welcome pack is provided, which includes a map of your host city.

For Your Convenience:

  • Every don Quijote school has a computer room, and wifi access.
  • You are given unlimited usage of don Quijote's A1 and A2 level Online Spanish courses, which are accessible from our school's computer lab to help you practice your newly acquired Spanish.
  • Also in our multimedia/computer rooms, there is a scanner and a digital camera; our website features a special section where you can publish your photos online. All of your friends and family can follow your Spanish adventures!
  • You will also have access to reference books and other reading materials, videos, a stereo, CDs and DVDs, as well as tennis rackets.

Rest Assured:

When staying in don Quijote accommodation, there will be available to you

  • With our home stay option, towels will be provided.
  • Bed linen, water, gas and electricity will all be taken care of for you.
  • Student residences and flats feature a: lounge, oven, washing machine, TV and an iron.
  • The common areas have a cleaning service, which is done once a week in the apartments/flats and every day in our residence halls.
  • For any needed repair work in the flats and residence halls, there is a maintenance engineer to sort out the problem for you.